3 Free Astronomy Apps to See Planets

3 Free Astronomy Apps to See Planets - Love astronomy? Get the app on your smartphone to see the stars. While we used to turn to astronomy books and home telescopes to observe constellations and planetary bodies, now we have an app for that, we have 10 apps for your iOS or Android device to help locate stars, planets, satellites and stations. outer space.

Many of these apps use augmented reality incorporating the device's camera to pinpoint where the stars are. You can point your device's camera at the sky and find the position of the stars and constellations.

You can then use this app to find out more educational information about celestial bodies, or plan your stargazing activities ahead of time.

  •  Star Chart

3 Aplikasi Astronomi Gratis untuk Melihat Planet

Apart from augmented reality apps like Star Chart that are provided to users, these apps go the extra mile in terms of time travel, some 10,000 years forward or backward in time. You can also change your location to view the night sky from another point on Earth, and in-app purchases unlock an enhanced catalog of stars, meteor showers, comets, etc.


  • Night Sky

3 Aplikasi Astronomi Gratis untuk Melihat Planet

Despite the information you can get from this stargazing app, at the end of the night, all we want is to stare at the stars. This app comes with a community suggesting great stargazing locations around the world. Apart from that, it also checks the weather conditions for the upcoming night so you know if it's a good night to stay up late to look at the stars.


  • Sky Map

3 Aplikasi Astronomi Gratis untuk Melihat Planet

With Google Sky Map it uses compass and GPS data to accurately identify the celestial object you are pointing at with your phone. It can point you to the part of the sky that you should observe, to find the object of your desire or you can 'time travel' and find out where the object will be at a different (later) hour of the night.