Trick to have 2 WhatsApp but only has 1 SIM SLOT (NO MOD)

Trick to have 2 WhatsApp but only has 1 SIM SLOT (NO MOD) - Can we have 2 WhatsApp in the same 1 device, especially if our cellphone only has one SIM slot? The answer is yes, but we need to be careful because WhatsApp has announced that everyone who uses dual WhatsApp (with .MOD) will have their number blacklisted in the WhatsApp application. So what do we do so that we can have 2 WhatsApp but still be safe?

Many people have used personal and work boundaries by having 2 different numbers. But do you know how to use 2 WhatsApp if you don't have 2 SIM slots? especially for iPhone users.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is an application created by Jan Koum and his relative, Brian Acton. This app can be used to focus on sales, marketing or even personal use (depending on functionality). Instead of us using MOD, it's better to use the official application from WhatsApp itself. But don't worry, for iPhone users, you can still use these 2 WhatsApp applications, even though you don't have 2 SIM slots. The way you have to continue to ride your card provider to your friends' android is only for initial registration on WhatsApp Business. After successfully registering your provider card again from your acquaintance's Android phone and WhatsApp Business can be used.

With the method above, iPhone users can already enjoy using 2 WhatsApp at once in 1 device, so don't worry that 1 sim card slot on an iPhone can still use 2 WhatsApp. Don't forget WhatsApp Original and WhatsApp Business we can open via the PC website, using the WhatsApp website, you know, without having to display data or bring the PC (website) closer to your cellphone.

That's the article How to 2 WhatsApp but only has 1 SIM SLOT (NO MOD) hopefully it can help you