Relieve Stress With Physical Activity

 Relieve Stress With Physical Activity

Everyone has heard of stress. Most people will readily admit that they have some in their life. It's helpful to understand stress and learn how to deal with it. Stress is a non-specific physiological response to external stimuli. Some examples of stress include headaches, muscle tension, sweating, stomach ache etc.

There are several physical strategies to relieve stress:

Progressive Relaxation: Progressive relaxation is an activity that involves tension and relaxation of muscle groups in sequence. To begin, sit (or lie down) quietly and comfortably. Starting with the legs, stretch the leg muscles, hold the tense muscles for a count of five, then release.

Deep Breathing: When we are stressed, we breathe quickly and shallowly. Deep breathing is a physical activity designed to bring lots of fresh air into the body, forcing old air out, and resulting in relaxation

Stretches: Easy stretches will help relieve muscle tension.

Exercise: Exercise is a great stress prevention strategy as well as a coping tool. Any exercise that gets your heart rate up and gets your body moving is beneficial.