How to find keywords on the Google search engine

 How to find keywords on the Google search engine

If you want to build your blog/website that has high traffic and is visited by many people, then fill it with interesting topics or topics that are most sought after by people. Topics that are popular at this time are proportional to the number of keywords entered on search engines. How do you find out which keywords are the most popular today?

Google provides Google Keyword Tool External and Google Trends tools to find out what keywords people are looking for the most today.

Google Keyword Tool External

This facility is actually used to find the most effective keywords in Google Adwords, which is a program where we can place ads on pages as a result of Google searches or on Google Adsense. but this tool can also be used to search for well-known keywords and other related keywords.

On a whim, enter the keyword "girls" using the settings for Google visitors from Indonesia, so here's a list of keywords that are most sought after by people affiliated with girls:

-Nude artist

-artist photo

-naked girl

-sexy girl


Does this mean that Indonesians are dirty-minded? do you like pornographic things? It's up to you to interpret the data above

Google Trends

The second tool to find out the top keywords or keywords that people are looking for the most is Google Trends. Please open Google Trends, a search window will appear and a list of 10 popular keywords today (valid in the USA).

You can also click here: More Hot trends to see the 100 most popular keywords today. You can also update the date with yesterday's date or other times.

at the top of the page there is a box that is used to enter keywords. For example, if we enter the following terms: AMD, Intel, a graph like this will appear.

Graph of the number of people searching for that key term on google (in this model, intel - red line, and amd = blue line)

Amount of information regarding keywords

The point at which news is published (e.g. at point A, Intel's stock price drops)

List of issues.

by looking at the picture above can be concluded:

Intel is more famous than AMD

in late 2005, Intel's keyword searches increased, but in early 2008 it decreased.

You can also set Google Trends to display Google visitor data from which country and year.

A few things to try

Are Indonesians still happy with something free or FREE? (eg free software, free internet, free sex, free sex)

The answer is YES, there is a tendency to increase interest in something free by Google visitors from Indonesia. Please open this link (copy and paste in your browser & enter) to see the proof:


Do Google visitors to the world still like something FREE?

The answer means YES, but there was a significant decrease from 2004-2008. View the chart at:


Google users from Indonesia who like sex tend to increase or decrease?

The answer is higher. from year to year, the number of people from Indonesia who enter the keyword sex on google is always getting higher. View the chart on:


How? Do you want to try this free tool provided by Google?

Good luck!