List of New Features From WatchOS 7 That Only Supports The Latest Apple Watch Series


List of New Features From WatchOS 7 That Only Supports The Latest Apple Watch Series

At the 2020 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) which took place virtually in California, United States, Monday (22/6/2020) Apple introduced the latest operating system for watch products. they are WatchOS 7 which has new features in it.

For Apple Watch 1 and 2 users, it seems that you need to be patient, because WatchOS 7 only supports / is compatible with Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch Series 5 and Apple Watch Series 6 which were just released last September.

Reporting from the Tech Crunch page, Apple added several new features in WatchOS 7 and one of them is Face Sharing. This feature allows you to share your watch face or Apple Watch face with other users via Messages, Mail, Safari, or social media. The other excellent features of WatchOS 7 are as follows:


9 New Features of WatchOS 7


  1. Monitoring your sleep Apple Watch with watchOS 7 can help you reach your sleep target. Just make a sleep schedule, then get into bed. When you wake up, see how long you slept and check your sleep trends over the past two weeks

  2. Countdown to clean With watchOS 7, your Apple Watch can detect when you started washing your hands and encourage you to continue washing your hands for the amount of time recommended by the health organization global.

  3. Manage family members' watches Children, as well as adults, can benefit from wearing Apple Watch. With watchOS 7, you can set up and manage Apple Watch for your child—or all members of your Family Sharing group.

  4. What's the translation… Need a translation of a word or phrase into another language? Siri can translate multiple languages, right on Apple Watch.

  5. Get moving in new ways Open the Sports app and start one of four sports—Dancing, Functional Strength Training, Core Workout, or Cooldown. View your workout results in the Fitness app on iPhone.

  6. Cycling With watchOS 7, Apple Watch offers cycling directions—complete with maps showing elevation changes, bike paths, and busy roads.

  7. Use shortcuts With one tap, you can now use shortcuts you've created on iPhone, and even add them as a complication to your watch face.

  8. Find more to protect your hearing Apple Watch can not only warn you of exposure to loud sounds around you, it can also reduce loud noise automatically playing through your headphones.

  9. New watch faces Try new watch faces for Apple Watch Series 4 and later—Memoji, GMT, Count Forward, Chronograph Pro, Artist, Typography, and Stripes. Add color filters to any Photo clock face.

Those are some of the latest features summarized from the official Apple website.