Windows 11 Will Update For Multi-Monitor Issues

 Windows 11 Will Update For Multi-Monitor Issues

Windows 11's tweaks to how it handles open windows and multiple monitors have pissed people off, but they've all been answered by announcing that in February 2022 Microsoft will have a major update on Windows 11 Multi-Monitor.

Windows 11 has all kinds of amazing multi-screen enhancements for display hoarders like those who like to use multiple screens, from improved Snap View functionality to software that intelligently minimizes and maximizes when views are split, but also makes confusing chunks that are really frustrating. Windows 11 users.

As we quoted from the old PCWorld, Brad who often uses multi-screen in Windows 11 is frustrated with the problems that arise. diang said that: “One of my favorite Windows 10 upgrades adds the date and time to the taskbar on all your screens, not just your home screen. But it happened in Windows 11, and it was one of the many minor setbacks to the operating system."

This is another small change in the theme, but another significant change – at least for me. I don't just work on my desktop computer. During downtime, you will often find me playing games or streaming sports in full screen. With Windows 10, I can see the time on my secondary screen in the middle of a hot, heavy gaming session. Now I need to get my phone out of my pocket, or worse, stop my entertainment and minimize the window to view the same basic information.”

Windows 11 Multi-Monitor Update

The absence of a clock and date on the secondary and tertiary displays is a real and tangible detriment to the way I work and play, day in and day out. Soon, it won't be a small but big issue anymore, as Microsoft has promised a big February update for Windows 11. Given that it's in release preview now, your beloved taskbar clock will be right back where it belongs. week count. Thank you God.

This modification removes the main reason why I hesitated to upgrade to Windows 11 on my PC – and we haven't recommended anyone upgrading to Windows 11. It's still full of bezels that far outweigh the potential benefits for today's professional Windows 10 users, not to mention. controversial new interface. (What's with the taskbar? Come on.)

Our full Windows 11 review delve into the finer details, but the huge list of improvements in the release notes for this new build shows that Microsoft is working hard to make things easier. Knowledgeable testers will also find public previews of the Android app, the new Notepad and Media Player apps that Microsoft has been experimenting with for several months, and several other taskbar improvements (most of which are annoying around Microsoft Teams calls), along with many of the other improvements. .