What Are The Functions Of Google Drive Apart From Save Files?

 What Are The Functions Of Google Drive Apart From Save Files?

Google Currently has many applications that can all be accessed when you already have a Google Account, one of which is the most widely used by people is Gmail. Surely you also already know right and already have a Gmail email?

However, teknobgt does not discuss Gmail at this time, but other applications owned by Google, namely Google Drive. What is the function of Google Drive? and how to access it?

On Android smartphones, Google applications such as Gmail, Maps, Meet, Youtube, and also Google Drive are automatically installed in it, because Android is one of the products owned by Google. Well, the most interesting thing is Google Drive, whose main function is a place to store data/files on the Google server.

The Google Drive application is also automatically synced with other services such as Gmail, Meet or Google Photos. Even now Whatsapp is installed on an Android cellphone, you can use it as a backup media for your Whatsapp account data. Then what are the functions of Google Drive?

6 Google Drive Functions

Reporting from other online media, there are 6 functions of Google Drive that are on an Android smartphone or when you access it on a laptop/computer. Here is the explanation:

File and Document Sharing

By saving photo files, documents, software, videos or other files, you can share these files with other people. So after you upload a file to Google Drive, you can invite other people to just view the file and edit it.

Save Link

Another function is that you can save a link to a site so that it can be accessed at a later time. Of course, if we only remember the name of the site, or if it is bookmarked, it could be lost. But if you save it on Google Drive, the data link will certainly be stored safely.

How to save a link on Google Drive is quite easy, you can click the three dots in the browser when you use it to save the site link and save the link.

Take Notes from Google Keep

To record something meaningful, you don't need to rely on applications installed on your PC or cellphone. Google Drive can store your notes using Google Keep.

Google Keep can be integrated with Google Drive which allows you to store all the notes you make. No need for a note-taking application or recording something manually with paper.

File Backup

What happens if your PC or cellphone features are damaged so you have to reset it, while the information contained in it has not been backed up on the flash or hard drive? Or when you have backed up on physical storage but the storage is infected with a virus.

This of course will make you feel irritated and sad all at once. With Google Drive you can back up all the documents on your PC and cellphone without using physical storage which is usually also often attacked by viruses.

WhatsApp Chat Backup

Next use another Google Drive to back up WhatsApp chats and media to Google Drive. This is very necessary when changing to a new especially Android phone, chat history and media will not be lost because it has been transferred via Google Drive.

The method for backing up WhatsApp on Google Drive is to tap the Settings menu then select Chat

and select Chat backup. Tap Backup to Google Drive.

Editing Files

Using Google Drive, this one is arguably not widely known by people. With Google Drive, you can edit files such as Word, Excel, or Power Point.

Editing results will be directly saved on your Google Drive. Not only that, you can also create new files or worksheets via Google Drive.

Not only via PC, you can also use this feature on your Android phone. And you can access it for free anytime and anywhere.