Toshiba Officially Announces To Retreat From Computing

 Toshiba Officially Announces To Retreat From Computing

There is surprising news where Toshiba has announced to stop and withdraw from the world of computing, even though this Toshiba has a laptop product that can be said to be a favorite because the quality is very good.

The T1100 was the first laptop from Toshiba in 1985 that was compatible with IBM, which pioneered the latest innovations such as a rechargeable internal battery, LCD screen, 3.5-inch Floppy disk drive and was also compatible with IBM.

This Toshiba laptop is in the reliable category, both for office work such as making documents, for graphic design, multimedia to all devoured RPG games. Toshiba has also been the champion in the laptop industry in the 90s to 2000s.

But after 35 years of being part of the computer industry, Toshiba has officially stepped down and transferred the remaining ownership of its computing business to Sharp, as they announced in a press release on their official website: Toshiba Transfers Shares in Dynabook to Sharp.

Why is there a Dynabook Name? It turned out that in 2018, Toshiba had sold its 81% stake to Sharp, so the new name "Dynabook" had to be used when producing its new laptops.

To maximize the re-branding of Dynabook, Sharp finally bought back the remaining shares in Toshiba last week.