Preview of the Latest Microsoft Defender For Windows and Android Security

 Preview of the Latest Microsoft Defender For Windows and Android Security

Microsoft's cross-platform preview version of Windows Defender, known as Microsoft Defender, can now be used to protect your Android phone as well as your PC or Laptop.

If you only have a Windows 11 PC, then this latest preview of Microsoft Defender is not recommended. However, it is very different if you have an Android phone. We recommend trying this interesting free tool that promises to monitor the files you download to your phone as well as the links accessed. (The Defender preview should also protect the Mac, though we haven't tested or confirmed this yet.)

However, there is a small problem: you need a Microsoft account to use Microsoft Defender Preview, and it will only protect a total of four devices. If you don't have it, you can follow the tutorial on how to create a Microsoft account.

Since January 2022, Microsoft Defender has been available for download on the playstore (for android) And we recommend that you install the application on your Android phone/tablet and PC, because Defender gives you an overview of how to protect all your devices.

On smartphones, at least, Microsoft Defender is much easier. Yes, Google and Android work behind the scenes to protect your phone, but Microsoft Defender comforts those of you looking for visual proof that your phone is really protected. Microsoft Defender studies the links accessed on your phone to make sure that it isn't downloading malware, and checks any apps that are already on your phone to make sure they are not known to contain malware. Naturally, if it found something, a notification would appear.

Microsoft Defender will ask for permission to access Accessibility Services permissions on your Android device, which gives Defender this scope to scan links and apps. It will also require you to manually enable the permissions switch, something you might not normally do. Scans will run periodically, which will reduce battery life – but we can't say how much. It might be useful to check your Android settings to determine how many resources Defender is using.

Microsoft Defender doesn't seem like a tool that PC and Android users need. But for preteens and teens who have phones to keep in touch with their parents (and then perhaps decide to download an app without warning), Defender seems like a decent security guard to make sure they don't risk downloading. Apps that might end up stealing their data.