OFFICIALLY, Donald Trump Sues TikTok For Bans In The US

OFFICIALLY, Donald Trump Sues TikTok For Bans In The US

Video app provider TikTok said Saturday it will challenge the administration of US President Donald Trump in court over allegations of national security threats to the Chinese government-owned company.

The case for TikTok is rosy as the friction between the two strongest economic camps in the world, the US and China, heats up. Trump signed the executive order on August 6. The order pressured TikTok into potentially selling it to a US company.

“While we strongly disagree with the government's concerns, for almost a year we have been trying to engage in good faith to provide a constructive solution. But what we encountered was a lack of due process because the government did not pay attention to the facts and tried to enter into private business negotiations," TikTok wrote in an official statement.

"To ensure the rule of law is not ignored and that our company and its users are treated fairly, we have no choice but to challenge executive orders through the justice system," TikTok wrote.

TikTok plans to file a lawsuit next week.

The TikTok app has been downloaded 175 million times in the US and over 1 billion worldwide. Trump has accused China of using TikTok to detect the location of government employees, create content for extortion, and carry out private espionage.

TikTok says it has never provided user data in the US to the Chinese government. China denounced Trump's actions as political.

This US stance is ahead of the general election on November 3. Trump, who is competing with Joe Biden, is getting louder and louder in his anti-China message. Microsoft and Oracle have been named as companies that could potentially take over TikTok's US operations.