Microsoft and Twitter Arrival New Competitors To Get TikTok

 Microsoft and Twitter Arrival New Competitors To Get TikTok

The technology company "Oracle" has the full support of US President Donald Trump to buy TikTok shares in the US.

You need to know that Oracle is a new company that is taking steps to compete with Microsoft and Twitter in terms of negotiating the purchase of TikTok from ByteDance Ltd.

Oracle, which is a technology company in the software sector, has met with ByteDance's minority investors in terms of initial discussions regarding the purchase of TikTok's operations in the United States. However, Oracle did not disclose the results of the meeting to the media.

Reporting from the Market Watch page, Oracle has a special relationship with the White House (Donald Trump) when compared to other companies currently competing to buy TikTok. His closeness with Donald Trump was when Larry Ellison (founder of Oracle) held a fundraiser at his house for Trump who will run again as a US presidential candidate. Then there is Oracle's Chief Executive, Safra Catz, who worked on the executive committee for Trump's transition team in 2016.

Oracle is also working with a group of US investors who already have stakes in ByteDance, including General Atlantic and Sequoia Capital, to realize the purchase of TikTok.

On the other hand, Microsoft's earlier bid to take over TikTok's global operations looks very serious. Evidently they expressed interest in buying TikTok in Europe and India, which incidentally has been banned.

However, there is a surprising statement on the part of ByteDance, namely that they are against the sale of any assets other than those in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.