How to Make Iphone Batteries Last and HB 100% continuously

 How to Make Iphone Batteries Last and HB 100% continuously

How to Make Iphone Batteries Last and HB 100% Continuously – Keeping the battery healthy is not an easy thing. Sometimes we are negligent when using without paying attention to the health of the cellphone battery that we use. Like the iPhone which has a not too big battery, here Mimin uses the Iphone 7 plus. Thank God the battery health remains at 100%, because it uses the method we did.

We can use this method continuously and it is proven safe and keeps the battery life longer. The most important thing is that the health of the battery is not affected. Most of my friends experience a decline in battery health that can be considered severe. From HB 100% to 84%, even though I bought it with Mimin.

However, the way of using it is clearly different, because he does not know the tricks to maintain the health of the battery so that it remains in top condition. Even though Mimin himself often makes games, live streaming, Youtube, and much more. But why is my HB still 100%? Is this a hoax? Obviously not. This is a fact that mimin gets when using the method that mimin uses himself.

One way to make the iPhone battery last without having to reduce its performance. Moreover, this is very suitable for those of you who like to play mobile legends, pubg, free fire, and there are still many heavy applications that you can use.

But Mimin can't guarantee 100% work, because I'm afraid that not all iPhones have the same durability. However, if you use an original Iphone 7 plus Ibox, Mimin will guarantee that this method will work 100%.

Okay, without further ado, what is the actual method that Mimin uses to keep the battery durable, Here is a summary that has been made especially for you.

Here's how to make the iPhone battery last longer


It turns out that it's not that difficult anymore to make the iPhone battery last longer, when you already understand how. Please read carefully our review below:

1. Don't play when it's on the charger

Actually this is Mimin's habit when I'm still using Android. Play plugging in the charger and continue to make toys, the worst thing is for gaming. Don't copy it, friends.

So, we suggest that you start using your cellphone when the battery is 80% charged and above. Because the battery is fully charged.

When you play your iPhone while it is charging, you will receive bad things. The battery will be exhausted, and the health of the battery will decrease. It happens because you push hard performance while the battery is charging.

If you want to play patiently first, the point is at least if it is 80% charged, because now the iPhone feature has optimal charging. Which will limit the incoming power when the battery is 80% charged.

2. Charger the battery when the power is 20 – 30%

Mimin's habit now is when the battery is still 30%, immediately rush to the charger. This method has proven to be effective, Mimin's iPhone has been more than 6 months, still 100% strong battery health.

Well now, when the power is only 20%, you quickly plug it into the charger cable. Because when you wait below 20%, your bra or battery health will be disturbed.

3. Use Original Charger

We don't have to use the original charger. But mimin recommends that your battery health remains in the best performance, it would be nice to use an original battery charger from the iPhone.

If the admin is now using the default charger as shown below. Even though it takes a long time to charge, I know that it's for the good of my own cellphone.

4. Don't let the battery touch 0% or Totally Off

This can be said to be untreated, will definitely result in a decrease in battery health. Especially if your iPhone really dies. Like point number 2 earlier that the optimal battery charging is between 20-30%, the battery must be charged immediately.

5. Turn off GPS and Enable only when in use

Some applications require location access, and in effect we have to enable GPS as a way to find out the current location. Like the camera, playstore, and many more application commands that require permission to activate GPS.

Now, Mimin himself is better off using GPS only on important applications. As well as on tracking HP in the event of a loss. Apart from that, I don't really pay much attention to it.

6. Auto Brightness

Why do I activate this feature, because Mimin has proven it myself that activating automatic screen brightness will help reduce screen performance. And arguably can help maintain battery life so that it lasts a long time.

7. Don't use your cellphone in a hot room

As you know, the iPhone's enemy is heat. Well, one of the things that sometimes iPhone users don't understand is that they don't know the bad effects of using their iPhone in a hot room.

It's better for you to use your cellphone at a cooler temperature. Because it can help normalize the temperature and performance of your iPhone. Especially if you play in a hot place, your battery will run out automatically.

8. Maximum Charger at 91 – 97%

Well, not many people know about this method, because they think when charging up to 100% will make the battery last longer. No no no that's not true, it's a mistake that we must correct together.

By charging a maximum of 91 – 97%, we will make our iPhone batteries last longer and reduce the risk of excessive battery health decline.


There are several ways to make the iPhone battery last longer and maintain battery health so that it remains in a powerful condition. You can use the method that Mimin himself uses, but use it according to your own needs. Keep adjusting because the admin doesn't know whether the performance we do is the same when using the iPhone.

Finally, we thank you for reading the article on how to make the iPhone battery last without being complicated. Hopefully this article is useful for all of you.