Easy Ways to Reinstall Your Own Laptop for Beginners

 Easy Ways to Reinstall Your Own Laptop for Beginners

Reinstalling can make laptop performance like new again. This means when the laptop is exposed to malware or viruses. Sometimes system errors also require you to reinstall.

Reinstalling the laptop can actually be tried yourself and does not need to use a PC service service. Before trying to reinstall the laptop, you should pay attention to the following:

Preparing to Reinstall Windows Laptop

For the reinstall process, you can't suddenly do a reinstall. There are many preparations that must be completed before starting the reinstallation. Matters such as backups, record serial numbers, and also prepare drivers.

First step: Backup important files

During the reinstallation process, all files can be carried around let alone deleted. A good reinstallation decision also involves deleting all files on the hard disk first. To make sure your files are still accessible again, do a file backup first.

The easiest thing to do this is to make copies of documents and files that won't disappear. You can use a USB flash drive or an external hard drive. Another method is to use cloud storage media. You can upload all the files you want to put to cloud storage media and download them to your laptop after the reinstallation ends. An example of cloud storage media is Google Drive.

Second step: Put the serial number

Almost the program that you install on the laptop has a serial number. Most especially on paid programs. This serial number means to later return the program for use after the laptop reinstallation process ends.

You may not need to backup the program files, but this serial number is more meaningful. Some programs can be downloaded by the installer, but without a serial number, the program will not be accessible. To make sure your serial number is comfortable, you can take notes manually or use a tool like Belarc Advisor. This tool will scan for all the programs you use on the laptop and register all the serial numbers. This program is free alias free. So you just download, install and use.

Third step: Preparing the driver

In order for laptop hardware to work properly, drivers will definitely be needed. This is actually no longer needed in Windows 10 because the feature automatically recognizes the hardware and installs the driver. However, for those of you who don't have Windows 10 or easy internet access, this is a must try.

To get drivers, you can first search on the Internet or copy from friends. Some service places also provide driver installation services. Downloading all these drivers can take some time. But really no, you don't have to worry about the laptop not working because there are no drivers.

Laptop Reinstall Process

After all the preparations are over, it's time to know the steps and methods of reinstalling your laptop. Actually there are 2 methods that can be selected. The initial method is to reset the laptop to a new state. This option is only available in Windows 10. This feature will delete all files on the laptop except for things that have been included in the factory settings.

The second option is to perform manual formatting. It's a little more complicated than the original option, but it's definitely cleaner in deleting files. In order to avoid errors, consider the steps of each of the following options carefully:

Option 1: Reinstall the Laptop by Reset to New State

So, to start the reset process to a new state, consider the following steps:

Go to the “Start” menu and click the gear icon. After that you will enter the "Settings" menu.

In this menu look for the option “Updates& Security”

In this menu click on “Recovery”

After clicking, you will be given the options “Reset this Computer” and “Advance start-up”

Click the “Get started” button on “Reset this Computer”

An option window will appear to perform a clean reset by deleting all files except Windows or by securing personal files. For the second option, deleted files are programs, applications and files associated with it. So your individual documents, images and videos are always comfortable.

Click on what you want to reinstall. Instructions from Windows will appear and you just have to look at it.

This reset to “New State” generally takes a long time depending on the size of the file that must be cleaned. After the process ends, the condition of the laptop will return to the same as when you first bought and turned on this laptop.

Option 2: Reinstall with Manual Format

This method is generally a very universal one used to reinstall a laptop. Not only can it be used by OS not only Windows 10, this method can also delete files infected with malware and viruses. Leaving files will only make the spread of malware the umpteenth.

Before starting this method, you must have the Windows 10 installer file in the form of a disc or CD along with the serial number. If there is, now is the time to clean the files! This cleaning process will be better if you use a cleaning program like DBAN. DBAN ( Darik Boot And Nuke ) is a program that will sterilize all files so that they are completely clean from the hard disk. You can simply download it for free and burn this file on a CD.

Now, when ready, insert the CD into the laptop and boot. To carry out the boot process, see the following steps:

Restart the laptop. In the middle of the boot-up process, click Esc, F1, F2, F8, or F10. This button depends on the type of your laptop.

Options will appear and the selection goes to “Bios setup”.

In the bios menu, go to the “Boot tab”.

Create boot highlight located in CD-Drive option

Save and exit.

Now the boot process will read the DBAN CD and can be used to delete files on the laptop. Make the steps are as follows

Click enter to open DBAN

When the DBAN menu appears, click [J] and [K] to select the drive you want to delete.

Driver selection by pressing Spacebar on keyboard

Once everything is selected, click F10 to start the deleting process.

While the process is running, you cannot stop it. Also make sure when the process is running the laptop is charged so as not to lose the battery because the process can take a long time.

After the process ends, your laptop is currently empty. Now is the time to reinstall the laptop with the Windows files that were prepared earlier. Make the trick, see the following steps

Insert the Windows CD that was prepared earlier.

The laptop will recognize this CD and boot up for the CD.

Steps to install Windows will appear and you just need to follow the instructions provided.

In the last step before installing, you are usually asked to write a serial number for your Windows. Enter the serial number and the installation process will run.

Wait until the installation process ends and your laptop is ready in a like new state. Hopefully this post can help you reinstall the laptop yourself. Good luck!