Careful! Online Shopping Platform Becomes the Target of Hackers


Careful! Online Shopping Platform Becomes the Target of Hackers

Kaspersky, which is one of the companies that goes to cyberspace, stated that currently hackers have a main target, namely e-commerce platforms and other online transaction services. This can be triggered because during the global pandemic, many people prefer to shop online.

This statement is also reinforced by the number of news portals that say that nowadays people are starting to change their shopping habits using e-commerce services and other online transactions.

Not only that, according to Kaspersky Asia Pacific Managing Director Stephan Neumeier, another reason e-commerce platforms are the main target for hackers to be hacked is the large amount of customer information data. There is also important data such as credit card data which is very vulnerable for them to take advantage of.

With each data breach costing an average business in Southeast Asia more than USD 1 million, the next business will run out of bonuses of USD 186 million on each occasion after the information breach.

While the good news is that Kaspersky's Global Industry IT Security Risk Survey found that 84% of Southeast Asian businesses surveyed are already making plans to increase their budget on IT security.

However, there are still significant gaps in terms of IT infrastructure hosted by third parties, and challenges associated with migrating to more advanced technology areas and environments.

With the increase in online activity, there have been many underground movements attempted by hackers. This is why industry activists must be more vigilant than ever.

“We have always instilled a sense of responsibility about how users handle individual and industry information within their home networks. Likewise, industries must strengthen their defenses to protect the information security of the industry and its customers," he said.