Biden Gets Support From US Technology Company Leaders Instead of Trump


Biden Gets Support From US Technology Company Leaders Instead of Trump

The top tech companies to their employees in the United States are united to give their support to Joe Biden instead of Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election. Their support is not playing games, namely donating more funds.

The United States presidential election took place on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. According to Time.com's quick count data, Biden still won with 50.03%, while Trump 48.35%.

So what causes technology companies in the US to choose to support Biden over Trump? It turned out that because many of the policies taken by Donald Trump were considered ineffective, high-ranking officials and workers at technology companies criticized a lot.

Reporting from the Center for Responsive Politics page, the majority of donations from high-ranking technology companies are aimed at Biden's victory and according to Business Insider this is a move to reclaim control of the Senate by the Democratic Party.

Technology companies currently backing Biden include Facebook founder Dustin Moskovitz, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.

Moskovitz, Schmidt, and Lawsons even joined the ranks of the pro-Biden group, Super PAC Future Forward USA. They donated quite a large amount of funds, namely:

  • Moskovitz donated US$ 24 million

  • Schmidt US$ 6 million

  • Lawsons US$ 7 million

PAC Future Forward raised US$ 66 million in 45 days. Most of that money has been spent on a series of anti-Trump tv commercials that ran from September 29 until election day. Another donation arrived from Reed Hastings was more than US$ 5 million. LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, on the other hand, donated nearly $14 million, including $2 million to the PAC and $1 million each to supporters of Biden Unite the Country and American Bridge 21st Century." Trump and his administration have literally 'killed' Americans," Hoffman said in his personal Twitter account @reidhoffman, Monday (2/11).

Expensify's software industry CEO David Barrett even sent an email to his 10 million subscribers and promoted Joe Biden. He reasoned that this action was for his business interests as well.” Trump's leadership wants to disrupt democracy in such a way," Barrett said. Support for Biden also came from the top brass in the investment industry. Michael Moritz of Sequoia Capital contributed more than $3 million.

After that, Y Combinator co-founder Jessica Livingston donated US$ 5 million. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, employees of Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Oracle have invested $4.8 million to support Biden or 98% of the total workforce in the industry. It's worth nearly 20 times more than a tech employee who backed Trump.