Best Money Making Apps

 Best Money Making Apps

Here are some of the 5 best money-making applications that have been proven to pay directly to your DANA balance. to download it you can click OPEN, OPEN, INSTALL or DOWNLOAD from your cellphone.

5 Best Money Making Apps 2022

Hello app

The first money-making application that you can try is "Helo", Download and install this Helo application then you will automatically get Rp. 400. To get more money, you have to invite your friends to install it too and when your friend successfully installs you will get IDR 62,000 automatically every time your friends install it

LIKEit app

Surely you often see advertisements for this application while watching videos on Youtube, right? Well, you can get IDR 600,000 by inviting friends to LIKEit Lite. You can withdraw the money directly to your DANA or GOPAY account.

Video Snack App

Snack Video is a platform with millions of users who post short videos that are shared across their community. Recommended videos according to each user. In addition, the Snack Video algorithm is also expanded with the limitations of each user's interests. This aims to avoid repeating the content and information presented. If you can invite only 15 friends, then the points collected can reach IDR 2 million and you can immediately withdraw them.

VidNow App

Furthermore, at Number four there is the VidNow application that can make money every day. You can get IDR 250,000 from the VidNow application in the following ways: Next, you can click men wallet. Please also remember that new users must check in 3 days in a row so that the bonus they get is even bigger.

Indo Today App

The last money-making apk is Indo Today, here is how to get money from the Indo Today application. This is the most important thing, on the Mission menu, enter the invitation code ::::: , then you will automatically get 50,000 points. Next you can complete the mission. daily by reading news to collect extra coins. In addition there are also watching videos and playing games that can add points. You can also create an invitation link so that your friends can get more points.