7 Easy Ways to See Other People's WIFI Passwords

 7 Easy Ways to See Other People's WIFI Passwords

How to View Other People's WIFI Passwords for Free – How to see passwords on other people's installed wifi? As we know wi-fi is a wireless technology that can transmit internet signals so that we can connect to the Internet using various types of electronic devices, such as smartphones, PCs and laptops.

Very often, portaljawa friends find lots of wi-fi signals in the area around where we live. However, because we were given a password, we certainly cannot connect directly to the network. Therefore, we need several ways that we can do so that we can enter the wi-fi network

Wi-fi with high speed has a fairly expensive price. Later, if it is not used optimally, the internet network from wi-fi will be wasted. That's why we as private users prefer to use cellular data plans instead of wi-fi which is intended for commercial or shared use.

7 Ways to See Other People's WIFI Passwords

Of course, when you find this article, we will discuss how to find a locked wi-fi password whether it's using a smartphone or laptop. If you want to know how then we will discuss one by one below

1. How to View Wifi Password on Your Own Cellphone

Android smartphones that are connected to a wifi network can also run several applications that can find out the wifi passwords around you. To start the first step you have to download an application that works to find the password.

Actually there are many, but we will discuss only 2 special android applications. Our advice, it would be better for you to do the root process first for your cellphone because some applications require root access.

2. View Wifi Password using WPS Connect

An android application called WPS Connect which is one of the WiFi hacking applications that can only work on rooted Android phones. (that's why it's highly recommended if you want to break into the neighbor's wifi, hehehe)

Through this application you can hack all WiFi networks and connect automatically on your HP device.

The trick is you just download the application on google play, then install and run as usual. Don't forget to turn on your wifi and your location. After that, a list of network options will appear that will be your target.

Select the destination network, then connect and select the activation password. Wait a while until the application finishes to display your target wifi password. After that, done, you are ready to enjoy free wifi, hehehe

3. Using the WiFi Inspector app and WIFI WPS WPA TESTER

In addition to the above applications, to find out WiFi passwords around you, other applications that you can try using your smartphone can also use WIFI WPS WPA TESTER or often also called WiFi Test and there is also WiFi Inspector which is a versatile application and is more often used by computer security practitioners. to monitor the network from parties trying to break into.

4. Using the BusyBox Pro Application and Wps Wpa Tester Premium

Furthermore, portaljava friends can use and install an application called BusyBox Pro on your Android phone.

The method is almost the same, after it is downloaded and installed, then you can run the application on your HP device. Then wait for the process to run so that the application opens.

Next is that you have to put the Busybox application into system/bin. And also you have to enable the “enable smart install” option.

Then you must use the application "Wps Wpa Tester Premium"

Download the application then install and run the application. After going through this step, you have managed to find the wifi password you are looking for. So you can immediately try to surf for free using Wifi whose password is already known.

5. How to see wifi password using WiFi Warden

named "WiFi Warden". Install and enter the application and give access to run your wifi.

You also have to turn on the wifi and location on your smartphone. Then select the WiFi that is the target. Then click "connect".

Then you can choose “connect via WPS” because this is an advanced option if the wifi has a password, and you want to know the password

Then there will be an option to select “calculate PIN”, then click that option, as you can see below:


Then a number of PIN options will appear that you can choose from. Your next task is to choose one of the available PINs there, then click “try one PIN”

Then wait a few moments until the PIN unlock process is complete. When finished, it will look like below. And now you can easily connect to your desired WiFi network

6. How to View Wifi Password on Laptop

Alright, first we will discuss on laptop devices. Now a laptop has become a mandatory item that is owned by everyone. Its role which replaces Desktop PCs for productivity and entertainment purposes is more in demand.

Actually there are many ways to find out the wifi password using a laptop. Both use third-party applications, Windows default feature applications and also without using any applications.

7. How to see Wifi password using CMD

To enter the CMD window, you press the Windows logo + R then type the command "cmd" without the quotes. After that you type "netsh wlan show profiles" Then click enter on your keyboard.

Wait a few moments, until a list of wifi networks that you have successfully connected with your laptop appears. Check again on the network that has been displayed, and you can use the list of network names to find out which wifi you will see the password for.

Type the command "netsh wlan show profiles [wifi name that has been identified by your laptop, for example "portaljawa"] key=celar" without the quotes, then press enter. Then fill in the WiFi lock code or password appearing on the WiFi network that you have previously selected to unlock the password.

Well finally you can see the wifi password without an application on a laptop that has been connected to a WIFI network on your laptop. With CMD you can also do WiFi bandwidth settings. You can easily manage, share and limit the speed of the connected WiFi.

Weaknesses of Free Wifi

Getting free wifi is not without risk, because you should know the dangers of using free wifi in public places. Some of the disadvantages of free wifi include the following:

1. The speed of the internet network is often down and the speed cannot be ascertained. Because the WIFI that you see the password is used in congregation and maybe its capacity is limited.

2. The risk of being exposed to malware and viruses is very large, sometimes it can be a crime such as hacking, because if you access free WIFI, there are parties who can commit crimes using the access link that is connected to your smartphone or PC.

3. Of course it is prone to being hacked, therefore as much as possible do not make important transactions when using public wifi networks, especially free ones

4. Finally, it can harm the wifi owner and internet service provider, because you have broken into and stolen internet networks that shouldn't have been directed at you.