3 Best Stock Trading Apps for Beginners


3 Best Stock Trading Apps for Beginners

1.Sekuritas' best stock trading app

Trading application of your securities. Because this application is what you will use for stock transactions. Make sure to only use the official application of your securities. Always keep your stock transactions safe. Examples of this trading application include: esmart application (BNI Sekuritas), MOST (Mandiri Sekuritas), BEST (BCA Sekuritas), and so on. Each security usually has a stock trading application that you can use.

2. IPOTGO Website Features

This is a feature available on the Indopremier.com website. Of course from Indo Premier Sekuritas. This IPOTGO site provides various interesting features. What Kanala often uses, for example:

– news and research features. We can use it to find out the latest news, research results, and analysis about stocks/public companies.

– stock comparison feature. We can use this feature to compare the fundamental performance of each stock. Very helpful for you to do fundamental analysis.

3. RTI Business

These are the most important apps that you must use. Because this application will make it easier for you to get data about stocks. Examples of data that you can get for example:

– JCI movement data,

- data on the movement of world stock exchange indices,

– watchlist feature to monitor stocks,

– chart feature for technical analysis,

– financial features for complete fundamental analysis of a stock,

– news features, and more.

This RTI application is available for mobile or desktop users. If you want more complete features, you can use RTI Analytics. It can be accessed on the following website: https://analytics.rti.co.id Apart from the three stock applications, you can also take advantage of the following web/applications.

1. Website IDX.co.id.

Most importantly, we can use this website to access financial and annual report data from public companies. We just need to download financial reports easily.

2. IDX Channel Application

You can use it to get the latest news updates about the stock market in Indonesia.

3. Online Media Applications,

such as the Cash application, CNBC Indonesia, Bisnis Indonesia, and so on. This application makes it easy for you to stay abreast of the latest news on the stock market or economic news. Finally, make sure you also take advantage of the Portaljaw website. Because the Portaljawa.com website is ready to help you learn stock investing easily, comfortably, and fun.

So, those are some Stock Trading Applications that you can try to start trading online.