10 Predictions of Technology Trends in 2022

10 Predictions of Technology Trends in 2022

So for that, here are some ideas for 2022 technology trends that are expected to appear this year:

Super fast internet

Talking about super fast internet globally, the internet has grown very rapidly. Hearing the news of the existence of 5G network technology is certainly good news in itself. In Indonesia itself, internet network technology already covers 4G networks. Although there are some areas that still don't get 4G network coverage.

This is because Indonesia is still in the development stage and is building a 4G network in Indonesia evenly. So now I hear that 5G will appear, why do you need a fast network again. Of course, with a faster network, it is hoped that it will increase the performance provided.

For example, when accessing data that requires very fast internet, playing games, watching the best quality videos, downloading data. And other things that require this super fast network.

In-Memory-Computing Technology

In the Processing-in-Memory (PIM) architecture, in contrast to the Von Neumann architecture, the memory and processor are fused together and computing is performed where data is stored with minimal data movement. Thus, computational parallelism and power efficiency can be significantly improved.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI is actually a technology that already exists and is in a developing stage. Many artificial intelligence devices are made, for example automatic robots that can do human tasks automatically.

Robots that can think and behave almost like humans. So in the future, it is hoped that this technology will be more advanced and can develop for the better so that it can help humans and can become good friends for humans too.

One of the 2022 technology trends that will advance and be used to facilitate human performance. One of them is artificial intelligence or what is often known as artificial intelligence.

automatic computer

The computer is not a new technology, but the computer is a technology that continues to grow. This of course makes the computer more and more years the computer is developing.

Now automatic computers here are computers that can carry out tasks and commands given by humans. Like when you want to type writing, the computer can help type your writing.

For example, read your mind and then bring up the written text on the monitor screen. When you want to open a browser or computer software application, it can automatically open it just by looking at eye movements. As well as with the human mind and other work that can be done by computers automatically. In addition, computer technology and computer improvements are also expected to appear this year.

Cloud for Data Storage

Cloud has a close relationship with almost all IT technologies, including new chips, new databases, self-driving adaptive networks, big data, AI, IoT, blockchain, quantum computing and others.

Meanwhile, the cloud continues to innovate with new technologies, such as serverless computing, cloud software architecture, integrated software design, and intelligent automated operations. Cloud computing is redefining every aspect of IT, making new IT technologies more accessible to the public. The cloud has become the backbone of the entire digital economy.

Automated vehicles

One of the technologies that are expected to develop is the vehicle. Vehicles as a means of transportation used to go to a place are certainly very helpful for humans, especially for traveling to faraway places.

Of course, going to distant places takes quite a long time and you must be bored or tired of using the vehicle. For this, it is hoped that the emergence of new technology that can make the vehicle move and choose the path automatically.

Now there is a vehicle, namely a testal car which is currently popular, which has an auto pilot feature that functions to move the motor automatically, so it is hoped that with advances in technology, cars like the Tesla can develop again, such as being able to have the feature of finding your own path which is certainly safe, can examine the path in use and around the road in its path to keep it safe.

Alibaba DAMO Academy, a global research institute initiated by Alibaba Group, released a report on the latest technology trends with huge potential in 2022.

In-Memory-Computing Technology

In the Von Neumann architecture, the memory and processor are separate and the computation requires data to keep moving. With the rapid development of data-driven AI algorithms over the past few years, it has finally come to a point where hardware is becoming a bottleneck in the exploration of more advanced algorithms.

In the Processing-in-Memory (PIM) architecture, in contrast to the Von Neumann architecture, the memory and processor are fused together and computing is performed where data is stored with minimal data movement. Thus, computational parallelism and power efficiency can be significantly improved. We believe innovation in PIM architecture is the ticket to the next generation of AI.

Internet of Things

In 2022, 5G technology, the rapid development of IoT devices, cloud computing, and edge computing will accelerate the integration of information systems, communication systems, and industrial sector control systems. Through the advanced Industrial IoT, manufacturing companies can experience the technology of machine automation, factory logistics, and production scheduling, as a way to realize the C2B business model of smart manufacturing (consumer to business smart manufacturing).

Health technology development

Of course, health is very important, there are many emerging technologies that help in the health sector. What can be expected for this technology? of course technology that can detect a disease that is in a person and the best way to treat it, technology that can help in healing and technology that can help activities in the hospital as well.

Blockchain application at production level

BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) will further reduce entry barriers for enterprise blockchain applications. Various hardware chips embedded with core algorithms are used on the edge, cloud and specifically designed for emerging blockchains, which allow assets in the physical world to be placed into assets on the blockchain, and further expand the boundaries of the Internet of Value and realize "interconnection". multi-chain”.

In the future, a large number of innovative blockchain application scenarios with multi-dimensional collaboration across various industries and ecosystems will emerge, and large-scale production-grade blockchain applications with more than 10 million DAI (Daily Active Items) will be mass-adopted.

The 2022 technology trends in the health world make it easier for people to find information. Like the Alodokter website, there are also applications such as Halodoc, which is a technology that is getting here – more and more progressing.

So, those are some reviews and hopes regarding this 2022 technology trend, hopefully this technology can be brought up soon so that it can be useful for many people and is environmentally friendly too.