How to remove cement in ceramics

Stains or traces of cement found on ceramic floors are very disturbing. If not cleaned immediately, cement stains can dry out and damage the ceramic. For that, see how to remove cement on the fastest ceramic below.

1. Apply HCL Solution on Floor

HCL solution or commonly known as hydrochloric acid is a compound that has also been proven effective for removing cement marks on ceramics. To get the benefits of HCL in this case itself is quite easy. You just mix the solution into a bucket of clean water.

The very high acid content in the HCL solution can damage the floor surface if used too much. Therefore, make sure you mix it with clean water with the right percentage. Do not use too much because it can damage the ceramic surface, and damage human skin.

2. Apply Hydrogen Peroxide on the Floor

Similar to HCL, hydrogen peroxide is a strong chemical that can be used to remove cement from ceramics. However, one thing you need to remember before using this ingredient is to make sure you mix the hydrogen peroxide with the white flour. This mixing is intended so that the liquid hydrogen peroxide coagulates and turns into a paste.

If it's already shaped like a paste, you can apply it to the cement-affected ceramic area until it completely covers it. Leave overnight to fully absorb, then rinse with cold water the next day.

3. Scrub the Remaining Cement with Pumice

The next quickest tip for removing cement from ceramic is that you can scrub it with a pumice stone. However, if you use this method, make sure not to rub it with too much pressure. Because the hard surface of pumice can also damage the ceramic floor surface.

Therefore, make sure you apply it to the cement-affected area only. In addition, the next thing you need to pay attention to is first soaking the pumice in warm water. This warm water immersion can minimize the occurrence of scratches that can damage the ceramic. Also, don't forget to use gloves so you don't hurt your hands when rubbing them with ceramics.

4. Sprinkle Salt on the Floor

The next way to remove cement from ceramic is to give it a sprinkling of salt. The ingredients that are often found in the kitchen do have a myriad of benefits. In addition to strengthening the taste of food, salt can also lift stubborn ceramic stains on ceramics.

To get the benefits of salt on this one, the method is quite easy. You just sprinkle salt on the cement-stained ceramic former. Let stand overnight, so that the salt can absorb well into the surface of the cement. After that rinse using running water. Do this experiment until the cement stains on the ceramic are gone.

5. Grated Coconut Dregs

Who would have thought that grated coconut which is usually thrown away can turn out to be a quick way to remove cement from ceramics. The method is quite easy, you just apply coconut pulp to the ceramic surface that is exposed to cement.

Like the steps above, you need to leave it overnight, so that the coconut pulp soaks for a while. After that, clean with a mop, sponge, or floor brush until the remaining cement on the ceramic is completely gone.

Those are five ways to remove cement from ceramics. Cement stains that have hardened, can make ceramics damaged and also not beautiful anymore. For that, there is nothing wrong if you apply the methods above so that your ceramics are clean and shiny again!