How to Make Tender Tempe Filled Combro

Want to know how to make a soft and crunchy tempe filled combro? Come on, see the recipe below. You can also make this traditional cake with a spicy taste.

Who wants a combo with tempe filling? Well, usually combro is identical to oncom in it. But this time was different. Yups, the oncom stuffing was replaced with tempeh. Talking about tempeh, tempeh has always been one of the side dishes that you should not miss. No tempeh, taste bad.

You must already know, what is a combro? Iyaps, a dish made from grated cassava, then seasoned with simple rustic spices and shaped into long balls. Now the oncom is filled with spicy tempeh inside, the dough is then fried until brown.

How to Make Tempeh Filling Combro

The existence or popularity of this cake has existed since time immemorial, you know, even before we were born :D . It is passed down from generation to generation from our maternal grandmothers. The origin of this super delicious but populist food comes from West Java. This is because many oncoms filled for combro are produced there.

Even though it comes from West Java, it doesn't mean that in other areas this food is not famous, you know, Moms. In Central Java, for example, cakes made from grated cassava plus grated coconut with a little spice are called salendem or undeng-undeng. You could say the combro twins, only the contents are different.

 In Central Java usually only use brown sugar and a little grated coconut. Yes, that's typical of the Javanese, sweet, calm and savory like that :D . The taste will melt when the brown sugar melts in your mouth when you bite into the salmondem. In East Java, this cake is better known as misro, whatever the name, the important thing is that it is really delicious.

Back again to the tempe filled combro cake, mother after getting to know her twin brother, hehehe. Surely you are interested in trying to make it right? No need to worry because we are happy to share the recipe for combro filled with tempeh to make it soft and pleasant in the mouth.

Let's see, mother

Easy Tempeh Filled Combro Recipe

Cake Making Time:

15 minutes to prepare ingredients

30 minutes to cook

Equipment :




Frying pan / frying pan

Combination leather:

700 grams of cassava, grated

150 grams of potatoes, grated

2 spring onions, finely chopped

1 tablespoon salt

100 grams of grated young coconut (but not too young)

1 teaspoon pepper powder

1 teaspoon sugar

Ingredients for combro stuffing:

300 grams of tempeh, steamed and puree about half

cayenne pepper for combro filling or according to taste

2 tablespoons oil for frying

4 sprigs of basil, take the leaves, coarsely chopped

Fine seasoning for the contents of the combro:

4 cloves garlic

5 pieces of red chili

10 pieces of red chili

1 segment kencur

1 teaspoon salt

tablespoon sugar

teaspoon stock powder (to taste)

A few tips for making a soft combro:

Now for the results of the soft combro, we squeeze the grated cassava, discard the water, then add a little grated potato and don't fry it on high heat.

We recommend using a deep frying pan as it is better than a flat pan, as it doesn't require too much oil to submerge the combro in the mother oil.

How to make a savory tempe filled combro:

Creating combo content

Heat the oil in a frying pan, stir-fry the ground spices until fragrant and cooked, add the mashed tempeh. Saute on low heat until all ingredients are well mixed.

Saute until the tempeh is slightly dry.

Add the basil, then stir well and saute until the basil is wilted. Taste and lift.