How to Make Simple Dish Soap

Are all dish soap safe on the skin? the answer is of course no. Because the ingredients used to make this cleaning fluid contain chemicals.

So do not be surprised if there are some side effects that occur on the skin, such as redness or itching. From here it is recommended that you make your own cleaning soap. Because it is safer, cheaper, and also economical.

Can be made in various forms, ranging from liquid, powder, to cream. For the selection of the type of soap adjusted to the taste of each person.

Benefits of Dish Soap

Before knowing how to make dish soap, you need to understand well the benefits of dish soap, including:

Removes bad odors from used food plates.

Free from dirt and germs.

Simplify the process of preparing dirty dishes.

After you have finished washing dishes and household utensils, you should also clean the sink of any remaining utensils. The goal is that the production air does not experience difficulties.

Making Liquid Dish Soap

Cleaning liquid can be made at home, in an easy way. Want to know, let's just follow the steps on how to make a simple home version of dish soap that is very easy to do. Here's the explanation.

Ingredients needed to make dish soap:

NaCl 100 gr

EDTA 50 grams

Texafom 1 kg

Aquades or 2 liters of clean water

Strawberry scented perfume 20 cc or according to taste

5 grams of red food coloring or according to taste

The use of dyes and perfume aromas adjusts to the tastes of each person. Look carefully at the recipe before mixing and processing the ingredients to make dish soap.

The tools that need to be prepared to make dishwashing liquid soap include:

  • Stove
  • Basin
  • Pot
  • Spoon
  • mug
  • Stirrer
  • Packaging bottles
  • Bucket

Steps or how to make dish soap:

Prepare tools and materials according to the recipe.

Then boil 2 liters of distilled water or clean water until it boils. Measure the ingredients that will be used to make dish soap according to the recipe while waiting for the water to boil.

If so, take texafom number 1 kg and mix it with EDTA number 50 gr. Stir well until the solution becomes white and does not mix much (called the solution).

After the water boils, add 2 liters of hot water to the solution, then stir until smooth.

The next step is to mix 100 grams of NaCl little by little into the solution, then boil for 30 minutes while stirring until it thickens and doesn't contain much.

If, dilute 5 grams of dye using a little water, then add it to solution 2 a little at a time. After that, stir until the solution turns red until evenly distributed.

Add a little fragrance to the solution and mix well.

After 30 minutes, turn off the stove. Cool the solution until it thickens.

Once the liquid soap has cooled, put it in a bottle. Now the liquid soap is ready to use.