How to clean dry cement stains on the floor

Many do not know how to clean dry cement stains on ceramic floors. Cement drying on tile floors is often a problem for many people.

Because it is very difficult to clean. Cement stains on the floor can make the tiles rough and uncomfortable to walk on. In addition, it can also reduce its beauty.

Causes of Dry Cement Sticking to Ceramic Floors

Usually this dry cement stain occurs when the ceramic is installed alone. The remnants of grout for installing ceramics are often stuck to the floor. In addition, it can also occur due to the presence of a fireplace or wall stucco.

As a result, a lot of mortar was scattered and stuck to the floor. To minimize this, the craftsmen must be more careful and neater in the process. Because we know, dry cement is a stain on ceramic floors that is very difficult to clean.

Easy Ways to Clean Ceramic Floors from Residual Cement

Dry cement dirt stains that stick to the floor can actually be cleaned if we know how to clean rough tiles. Cement is easy to clean when it just sticks to the ceramic and is still wet. But after it dries it becomes very difficult and requires special tricks to clean it.

Well, in this article we will learn various ways to clean ceramic floors from dry cement. You can apply the method of cleaning the remaining grout on the tile floor to clean your dirty floor at home. All the tips below are very easy to do and don't cost much.

1. Using Mop and Broom

Remnants of cement that have just stuck to the floor can be easily cleaned using water and a mop. If it has started to harden and can use the help of a broom to scrub it clean. How to clean the remaining cement on the tile floor should be done as soon as possible. Do not let the cement dry quickly because it will be difficult to clean.

2. Clean the Ceramic Floor with Vinegar Solution

Vinegar solution has a good ability to lift stains on tile floors. So even dry cement dirt can be cleaned using a vinegar solution. The use of vinegar can be very effective to deal with the remnants of cement that has dried on the tile floor.

How to clean cement dirt on ceramic floors using vinegar is also very easy. You can simply sprinkle vinegar on the ceramic parts that have dry cement impurities. Allow the vinegar to sit for a while for the solution to interact with the cement. If you feel the cement has begun to peel or lift, rinse immediately or clean using a mop and broom.

3. Coconut Dregs

It turns out that coconut dregs can be used to clean the remnants of grout on tiled floors. The coconut dregs used are leftovers from the manufacture of coconut milk. Can be used on new or old ceramics. In addition to cleaning, coconut dregs can make ceramics look always shiny.

How to clean cement stains on ceramic floors using coconut dregs is quite easy. The trick is simply to apply the dregs to the surface of the floor that has cement dirt. After scrubbing evenly all over the floor, it's best to let it sit for a while.

After that, rub again using your hands on the area that feels very dirty. This is done to get a really clean result. When finished, rinse with water and a mop. As a result, you will see the tiled floor becomes more shiny than before.